Tree Services

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Eytcheson Forest Products provides complete tree service for residential property owners. Our professional, experienced tree technicians can maintain existing shrubs and bushes, take down and remove trees or stumps, remove or chip brush, and clear lots for development.

We believe tree removal & maintenance and lot clearing means more than just cutting down a tree and removing a stump. Our experts will work with you to ensure that solid decisions are made to preserve the health of your trees and to remove those that are at high-risk for disease or decay.

Tree maintenance

tree service 5 eytcheson unlimited

We can trim, prune and shape your existing trees and shrubs and will take care in the maintenance of trees that are close to structures or power lines. We will also remove the residual brush from your property or can chip it for use as mulch.

Tree & Stump Removal

Whether you have trees or stumps that need to be removed for health or cosmetic reasons, our service experts offer 100% removal as specified by property owners. We will properly sectionalize larger trees and limbs prior to removal and will also fill, seed and straw the area after grinding the stump down to at least four inches below ground level.

We remove the brush we clear

Lot Clearing

If your project requires an entire lot to be cleared, Eytcheson Forest Products will meet with you to provide a lot evaluation which will determine the healthiness of existing trees and eventual placement of your new home. As professionals, we can determine which trees are vigorous and healthy and which ones are at high-risk, diseased or dying and should be removed.

We advise our clients to obtain a thorough lot evaluation prior to making a determination of house placement on a property. We will then provide a complete clearing of the lot which includes the taking down of marked trees, removal of brush and excavation of remaining stumps. In addition, our experts have the experience and knowledge of area zoning guidelines and restrictions and, when applicable, will work with local regulatory agencies to obtain necessary permits on your behalf.

Tree Planting

If you are looking to add trees to your new or existing property, Eytcheson Forest Products can help you. We have balled and burlapped trees in many varieties including fir, spruce and pine evergreens along with maple, ash, fruit and birch trees in the deciduous family.

We can assist you with tree selection as well as the delivery and professional installation of all products. Eytcheson Forest Products also offers an initial maintenance service on installed trees which includes watering, fertilizing, general health evaluation, anchoring as needed and mulching.

All products installed by Eytcheson Forest Products are guaranteed.